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Update about Power Outage on Friday Late Night

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Going on today!

Three tickets will be drawn to determine who gets to play the Cow Game for some nice prizes. Players, in order, will try to match the prizes behind thespots on our "cow." When...



Info about Friday, August 26 Power Outage at Late night

If you were one of the people at the Friday late night session on August 26th, first of all, even though it was not our fault, we apologize for the inconvienience that occured. We know that there were 7 games that ended up not being played and 3 funtabs.

This is how we are going to take care of you.  You were asked to take your 12-on home with you that night.  Bring your 12-on back to Florin Road Bingo anytime between now, Monday, August 29, 2016, and Friday, September 2nd before Late night starts, and you will receive a coupon for $15 off your buyin. That should take care of those 7 games and any extras you may have purchased.

As for the funtabs that were not played; bring those 3 funtabs back on the Friday Late Night session on September 2nd.  We will be playing those 3 funtabs right at the start of the session and awarding the winners the appropriate prize for that funtab.


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