Help Florin Road Bingo Survive COVID

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September 18, 2020                          

Florin Road Bingo Establishes GoFundMe to Support the Hall and Dozens of Local Charities

One of Sacramento’s oldest charitable fundraising organizations has set-up a GoFundMe campaign to keep the doors open during the COVID pandemic. Florin Road Bingo needs your help.

Florin Road Bingo was originally established over 40 years ago to raise money for the incredible Kennedy High School Band. In the past three decades the non-profit charitable bingo hall has expanded their reach, raising millions of dollars and helping thousands of Sacramentans. The COVID pandemic has shuttered their doors, and critical donations have ceased. The GoFundMe will help them kick-start a new program at the hall: Drive-In Bingo!

Florin Road Bingo has been financially stable since day one, but the pandemic and six months of total closure has depleted their savings. These emergency donations are critical to continue operating the hall, where the volunteers will host limited bingo sessions in the coming months (until the pandemic subsides).

“I have had an incredible relationship with Florin Road Bingo over the years. Without our partnership and the regular bingo sessions to raise money for our charities we wouldn’t have been able to support many of the important projects in our community.” 

-Honorable Larry Carr, current Sacramento City Councilmember and
   former Executive Director of the Florin Road Partnership*

Please help us spread the word.  Florin Road Bingo’s GoFundMe is at

You can also visit the Florin Road Bingo Facebook page at

Florin Road Bingo in the only charitable bingo hall in the City of Sacramento. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, hundreds of volunteers each year donated time to support the hall, generating millions of dollars for local youth and senior programs, civic organizations, religious groups and community improvement projects.


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