SACRAMENTO CONSOLIDATED CHARITIES (SCC)   

                                                                                                                        BINGO RULES


October 1, 2019

Only players and volunteers 18 years and older are allowed in the hall while Bingo games are being played.

Shirt, shoes and appropriate attire are required to be worn at all times inside the hall.

Players must meet posted eligibility rules to claim any and all prizes.

SCC’s visitor policy allows a maximum of one (1) five minute visit per bingo session. We retain the right to suspend anyone’s visitor rights.

Players causing a disruption to the game or violating the rules of Florin Road Bingo may be ejected at the discretion of Management, Floor Manager or Uniformed Security.

All devices (pager, cell phones, electronic games, etc.) causing disruption to surrounding players are prohibited.

Players setting off alarmed exit doors, unless during an emergency, will be ejected from the hall.

Players may bring food and drink into the hall only for themselves.  Food may NOT be delivered into the bingo hall.

Alcoholic beverages and/or drugs, including marijuana, are not allowed anywhere on the property.

No weapons are allowed inside the hall with the exception of folding pocket knives (not switchblades), carried inside the pocket or purse in the closed position with blades not exceeding 3 inches in length.

Smoking of any type including chewing tobacco, is not allowed within the building.  Smoking  outside the building may only be done outside of the white line painted on the ground.  Cigarette butts must be placed in the ashtrays provided.

Personal items left in the hall will be disposed of if unclaimed after 30 days.

The first person to a seat with a valid buy-in for that session is entitled to the seat.

Each person must display a current receipt showing the minimum buy-in for that session.  Buy-in packs may not be split.

Only current receipted players may be paid for all games including pull-tabs or fun tabs.

Bingo paper, pull-tabs and fun tabs are only valid for the session in which they were purchased and may not be brought back for a future session.  If taken out of the building they are void.  Only bingo cards provided by Florin Road Bingo are valid.

Only one discount is allowed per buy-in.

Daubers must be used to mark paper.  Crayons are not allowed. If the daub is so dark as to stop the accurate reading of the number, the card will be considered mutilated and the bingo invalid.

BINGO will not be allowed on torn, altered or mutilated paper or cards.

It is the player’s responsibility to play on the correct paper and to make it known to the caller if he or she has a BINGO!

Once Pull-tab Country is “closed” during a session, no more Pull-tabs or Fun-tabs may be redeemed.

Funtab Purchasing Rules:  You may purchase fun tabs for others but must have their money in hand before getting in line.  Once in line, you may not accept money to purchase fun tabs for another person.  The line must be joined from the end.

Funtab winners are valid until the caller closes the game.  Winners “found” after the game is closed will not be allowed under any circumstances.

For 'must be present to win' drawings where only a single ticket is to be drawn, that ticket will be valid only until the caller declares that draw closed.  Tickets “found” after the caller declares a drawing "closed" will not be allowed under any circumstances.

Only one bingo will be recognized and paid per caller defined game area.  (IE: one face, one 9-on, one 3-on, etc.)

The maximum pay out for each game is the amount shown on the schedule and in no event will exceed $500.

There are no substitutions when all or part of a pay out is stated as other than cash.

Multiple BINGOS will be split based on the number of winners verified.

If multiple valid paper BINGOS are called, the payout for that game will be divided equally rounded up to the nearest dollar, unless that amount exceeds $500.00, in which case the payout will be equally rounded down to the nearest dollar.

Gold and Silver Royalty are chosen from the first two single game winners in all games except Progressive Jackpots, Bonanza, Speed and all Funtabs whether in the game schedule or not.   Royalty is not paid in Progressive Jackpots, Bonanza, Speed and all funtabs whether in the game schedule or not. The number selected by Royalty may not be changed once selected during the session.  If the Gold or Silver Royalty leave before the end of the session, new Royalty will NOT be chosen.

A ball showing on a video monitor is not valid until called.  Once the Caller starts to call the ball, it is considered to have been called.  Once the Caller starts to say “closed,” it is considered the entire word was spoken.

BINGOS called after the caller declares a game is "closed" will not be allowed under any circumstances.

In the event of an incorrect call or ball placement, the number on the ball drawn will be the only valid number.

One number must be called on the 2nd game of a progressive game set before bingo may be called on the 2nd game.

The caller's decision is final in any matter concerning a game or drawing.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

For any problem or rule not covered here, the Floor Manager will make the final decision.

Excessive perfumes, colognes and all other similar odor causing items or conditions are not allowed if they can be smelled more than 3 feet away.  This is an ADA rule that Florin Road Bingo is required to follow.

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