New Players

Are you new to playing bingo?

We would be happy to help you get started!

The first time you come in, we would recommend that you come in early. That lets you get to know the hall, find out where the important things are, like the coffee, the cafe, and the restrooms. It also gives you a chance to meet some new friends before the games get started.

When you come in for the first time, let customer service know that you are new and would like to get some help. They are located right when you come in the front doors, next to the caller.  They will have you get your buy-in and come back to them so you can find a place to sit and they can help get you acquainted with how to play bingo.

For your first time, we would recommend that you get the minimum buy-in for all of the paper games. Nothing is more frustrating to new players than feeling pressure from trying to keep up with too many card faces. As you get used to the way bingo is played, you can get more paper on future visits, or even that first visit. Some of the extra games are sold on the floor by the green aproned floor workers.  

Once you're seated and customer service has helped you understand how to look for patterns and which paper to play on, you'll be off and running.  We're sure some of your new friends will help you out, if you need it, but always feel free to ask one of the floor working volunteers if you have a question. They can normally answer it, and if they can't they can certainly find someone who can.

You may also, want to check out the Bingo Lingo section. It has a few terms that can help you out in understanding some of the things that are regularly said during a bingo session.

At some point you should familiarize yourself with the Hall Rules. You can read them at that link or they are posted around the hall for you to see.

Once you've gotten the hang of the paper games you may want to consider trying out Pulltabs (yellow aprons) and Funtabs (blue aprons).

If you have any complaints or compliments, you can ask for the floor manager, speak to customer service, or we have a suggestion box at the front of the hall near the front entrance.

We want to make your experience at Florin Road Bingo a great one! Always remember, it's players like you that make Florin Road Bingo "The Best Hall of All."

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