Here you will find the explanations of our Buy-ins. If you click on a specific session you'll be taken to the buy-in for that session and you´ll see how it works. Schedules may change without notice. Florin Road Bingo is not responsible for typographical errors.

We play 9-ons. That’s 9 bingo card faces on one sheet of paper. 

Buy-ins are cash only. We have an ATM on site.

Friday Late Night Combo sessions play 9-ons and Strips. Saturday Late Night sessions play 9-ons and a Strip. These two sessions are suspended until further notice.

Any progressive payout games pay the progressive amount or $100 depending on rules. Progressives are suspended until further notice.

Monday- $30 Buyin

Tuesday - $39 Combo Strip Session

Wednesday AM 2 for $23     Wednesday PM - Express Buyin

Thursday - $27 All the 9-ons, Specials, & Speed you can play.

Friday PM - Express Buyin   Friday Late Night Combo - NOT CURRENTLY PLAYING - $37 - Two of All Games - 1 Free Game 

Saturday PM - Express Buyin     Saturday Late Night - NOT CURRENTLY PLAYING -$27 Two 9-ons & 2 Strips

Sunday AM - $28 Buyin    Sunday PM - $28 Buyin


Saturday Late Night (Suspended til further notice)

All 9-ons pay $500. You get two 9-ons & two FRB Strips for $27. Strip game pays $1000.

Sunday AM & PM Sessions

$28 for up to 3 of everything. One of any free games. Most games pay $250+.

$28 Sunday Buy-in

Package A is 3 of everything or Package B is two 9-ons and 4 special packs. Both packs include 3 of everything else - Early Birds, Purple and Double Action game, Bonus Line and one Free Triple Triple game. Most games pay $250+..

Express Buy-In

You get a 9-on (11 up) and a Special pack (5 up) for $16.00. Each additional Special Pack is $2, Each Early Bird Pack, Texas Blackout, Triple Triple or Intermission is $1.00. You also get one FREE game.

2 of Everything for $23

You get up to 2 of each: 9-on, Special pack, Early Birds, Double Action and Texas blackout. You also get 1 FREE game.

Thursday - All the 9-ons, Specials, & Speed you can play 

22 games just $27!  You get as many 9-on 11-ups, 3-on 5-ups, and 3-up Speed packs as you can play.  You also get 3 Double Action, 3 Bonanza Blackouts,  1 FREE  Triple, Triple Game, all paying $500, & 1 Free $2398 Funtab with your buy-in. A $1000 cash ticket drawing from the session's tickets will also be featured. The 5 regular specials now pay $300 each & Speed now pays $150 each. Over $1750 in ADDITIONAL payouts! $500 Buckaroo Early Bird 3 packs are still just $5. Come early to get yours!

Friday Late Night Combo (Suspended til further notice)

Friday nights, immediately following the regular session at 10:45 PM.  Buy-in is $37 for 2 of all games. You get two each of nine 9-on paper games, 3 $1000 Strips, 2 $500 Strips, and 1 free Progressive game. Extra 9-ons are available at the cashiers for $1 each. Extra strips are available on the floor. 

Tuesday Combo Strip Session

$39 buy-in gets you two 9-on packs, 2 of each strip game (8 $500 games), 1 Free game & 1 Free Progressive Game. 11 $250 paper games, 1 $500 paper game, 8 $500 strip games. Extra 9-on packs $1. Extra Strip Game 2/$5.

Monday Session
22 Games - Just $30 for a nine game  9-on pack paying $300 for each game, 5 specials paying $350, & 1 free $500 purple game. 3 Early Bird games, Texas Blackout & Triple, Triple are included in the A or B buy-in with up to 3 of everything and 1 free game. The B buy-in is two 9-ons, 4 Special packs, 3 of the other games, and 1 free game..

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